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An Idea is Born

I am a single mother of two beautiful daughters, and I was, unfortunately [misdiagnosed] with Multiple Sclerosis. The medication I had to take caused me to be immobilized, so I could not care for my children to the fullest extent. My friends were beginning to get sick as well. One has Crohn's Disease, the other has Dystonia and so on. Soon after I discovered my diagnoses was incorrect, I decided to take control of my life and find out for myself what made me have symptoms similar to MS. After doing many hours of research, I learned that perms, fast food, beef, pork, and many other seemingly essential goods we as a people purchase, were the cause of my friend's and I's ailments. That is when I decided to build this business and help others like me get their health back on track before it is too late.

Our First Employee

My oldest daughter, Tialyn, is my very first employee. We started this company when she was 15 years old, and I am proud to say she has embraced this lifestyle and business as much as I have. Tialyn is not only my daughter but my Assistant Manager as well. She has grown so much since the start of The Natural Lyfe and represents the real meaning behind it rather well. 

1,000 Happy Customers

We have helped many customers transform their lives for the better with our products and services, and we plan on helping more. The Natural Lyfe is a vendor at different public events, and we are also available for private parties.

Family Matters

As one of our esteemed health consultants and advertising administrators, Che'Toya Rouse has been a part of The Natural Lyfe team since day one. Her knowledge of natural healing is second to none. Her knack for connecting with clients has been an asset to our brand. She is looking forward to helping you take control of your health. 

Why Us?

-100% Organic Products

-Personal Consultations

-Detailed Instructions on How to Use Our - Products

-Made to Order Products

-You Are Our Number One Priority